Gainz #2


I’m very excited as for the first time in my life my BMI is very almost in the healthy range, thanks to my 50kg weight set (note: if you buy a weight set, also buy some gloves unless you like metal splinters – I use running gloves).

Current effects: I don’t look a whole lot different in the broad sense which is a bit surprising, but also good because muscle is denser than fat so hopefully it’s mostly muscle. If you pick somewhere to poke it generally feels firm. My forearms are pretty solid. Some of my clothes feel tighter around my chest and shoulders. When I notice my shadow (on the rare occasions the great yellow ball graces us with its presence) my posture is noticeably much better. Everyone probably thinks I’ve grown a few inches. I feel generally more confident.

Foot pain: still here but definitely following a very gradual reduction. I’m still only running once a week, but I’m now spending most of the week pain free.
Other: I seem to have triggered my knee pain again doing squats. It’s the sort of vague “that doesn’t feel quite right” feeling from anywhere along the inside of my knee, from the shin up to the thigh. I suspect my adductors are too tight. Again.


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