Now Ed Miliband has ruled out a Lab/SNP coalition, as we head towards another hung parliament, our options seem to be:

Con/Lab – Seems like a weird outcome. With near equal support, is either party really going to agree to being the secondary party? Cameron is hardly going to step down to being deputy PM and Miliband would be daft to take on the role considering how Nick Clegg has been treated
Lab/Lib – Makes sense on paper but there’s a serious risk they’ll fall short of enough seats
Con/Lib – Again it’s not likely they’ll have enough seats
Con/SNP – This looks plausible from a numerical perspective but the SNP would never agree to that
Con/Ukip – Ukip have huge support, and this will translate into about 3 seats, so not a chance. The only way Ukip are relevant is if they manage to steal enough of the conservative vote to give labour enough swing seats to boost their numbers, but the SNP seem to be hitting Labour just as badly at the other end, so, no.

Then we start to go into three way coalitions… but we don’t really end up with any more options there because it almost certainly has to involve the SNP to get the numbers up.

So then we have to rely on the Queen to choose her own government, in which case I hope there is no requirement that she chooses from politicians.


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