Terry Pratchett

Books are a strange relationship because without ever meeting an author, you gain such a vast insight into their psyche that you feel like you’ve known them for years. It’s a close form of one-way intimacy that no other art form gives, especially when the books in question ooze personality (or personalities) as Discworld does.

I had the opportunity to meet Terry Pratchett a book signing in my town when I was a bad tempered and apathetic teenager, but being apathetic I didn’t bother, even though I’d read quite a lot of his books. My mum and sister did though. They brought me back a signed copy of The Truth with the inscription “To <me>, and that’s the truth”.

They said he was grumpy and seemed fed up, which is both perfectly understandable and probably exactly how I’d have felt had I spent an hour stood in the line waiting. But now I wish I had gone.


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