Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear is a very successful international export so it may surprise foreign fans that Jeremy Clarkson is quite controversial here in Great Britaine, and some people really really hate him. The reason is roughly:

1. Jeremy Clarkson/Top Gear represents a BBC success story; it’s incredibly popular, it’s basically a money printing machine.
2. BBC is a (near enough) tax payer funded media organisation (and it’s really good, not just because it has no adverts, also because it has a lot of high quality TV and radio programming (R4) – not something you find a lot of when you venture outside of the BBC)
3. A lot of media companies really hate the BBC because they have to actually make money themselves
4. Clarkson is a goldmine of marginally offensive comments
5. Media mentioned in #3 see Clarkson as an easy target to express their hatred of the BBC because they can easily point to something he said/did and pretend he’s an awful person and that the BBC should be ashamed for employing him, blah blah blah your taxes pay for this etc.
6. People who read and irrationally feel allegiance to the media mentioned in #3 for some reason take it all very seriously and denounce the BBC as being a hive of left/right wing propaganda depending on which views they themselves have.

Most people in the UK don’t actually care much about him or think he’s mildly entertaining, but you wouldn’t realise that from the media circus that follows him around.


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