I’ve used a Mac for a few months now, primarily for iOS development using xcode. I was looking forward to trying a Mac because for years now people, especially other developers, have been saying they’re great and they’re Linux without the hassle, etc, but I could never justify spending my own money on one.

I’m glad I didn’t because it turns out I really don’t like them much. I like aspects of Windows and I like aspects of Linux, but with Mac, there is nothing I like that isn’t covered better by either Windows or Linux. The GUI is intrinsically annoying because the window manager behaves strangely by design and the file manager is difficult to use for anything other than clicking on files, and the command line is also annoying because it’s nowhere near as fully featured as Linux’s.

Maybe I have my timing wrong here, maybe Mac seemed more attractive when the feasible alternative was a choice between Windows XP and KDE4, but in the here and now, Windows 7 is pretty great and Linux Mint (MATE edition) is pretty great, and MacOSX Yosemite is a bit rubbish.

Also: one USB-C port, which is not compatible with any of your existing USB devices, and £70 for an adapter. That’s hilarious.


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