Shoe industry oppression #2

After going into four shops and trying on god knows how many pairs of shoes I finally found one that: 1. Was the correct size, 2. Was the correct shape, and 3. Had no miscellaneous weirdness going on.

I am, of course, still highly sceptical of this pair, but I’m prepared to give them a chance. I still see it as a genuine possibility that I end up shunning all known etiquette guidelines and just spend the rest of my life wearing nice comfy running shoes.

I was thinking about why I have such trouble with shoes and I think the answer is simple: I don’t own a car. My feet are my primary mode of transport. I am therefore much less error tolerant when it comes to shoes than a large majority of people, some of whom seem to be strangely liberal about the idea of shoes that basically cripple their wearer. I have recently read some shoe reviews online (exciting, yes) and there are often comments like “these are comfortable shoes, but you can’t wear them for long walks”. Allow me to express myself in punctuation: ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!????. And now in meme:



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