Shoe industry oppression

I’ve been wearing my running shoes every day for the past 3 weeks and my foot feels ok. Ok means that it’s still not 100%, but it’s not bad. I have run a short distance once a week for the past two weeks, which hasn’t aggravated it. I still don’t know how it will handle more normal volume, but I am going to start aiming to get back to it.

So: SHOES. I need to replace my regular walking shoes, which is a shame because I quite liked them. Unfortunately, I do not know which attributes of my other shoes have caused my pain and which attributes of my running shoes have eased it. My running shoes are a half size up and my other shoes feel a touch tight around the width of the forefoot. I thought that maybe my feet were wide, so I measured them and it turns out they are slightly narrow. Also, the measurements have no real relation to the size of shoes I can actually physically fit around my foot, so, clearly, I can’t trust shoe manufacturers to create shoes in shapes that resemble the human foot.

I think that width in the forefoot is probably the most important thing because it makes no sense to compress the metatarsals together, even though that’s apparently what most shoes are shaped to do.

I’m not looking forward to this because I probably won’t know for a few weeks if I’ve made the right decision.


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2 comments on “Shoe industry oppression
  1. golddh says:

    I find running shoes to be such a mystery, even with all of the information that is out there. I just can never understand – sometimes they feel good int eh store, then kill me on the run.

    • laeknishendr says:

      I always think the problem is that we have evolved a structurally complex foot, and then we encase it in a big pair of shoes and expect it to still work properly.

      Not that I’m intending to walk/run barefoot outside any time soon.

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