It seems like on the internet there is a competition in any Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG) related discussion to be the first to say it’s terrible and unrealistic and a whole bunch of other things. Okay okay okay okay guys, that may or may not be true, but before you become euphoric in your own enlightenment, consider this:

1. Reading is actually a pretty commendable activity, and FSOG found a lot of success as a book so a lot of people must have read it. It expands your vocabulary, you think more about how language is constructed and it generally improves your ability to express yourself, even if the source material is not very good. Reading makes you a more intelligent and more functional person; it should never be discouraged, particularly among people who don’t read much.

2. FSOG encourages people to be more open minded about BDSM, which is something that a huge number of people find exciting on some level and which is generally viewed as an embarrassing urge for absolutely no good reason.

3. It doesn’t actually matter that it’s unrealistic. It’s fictional. Most fiction is unrealistic; that’s why it’s fiction. FSOG is not supposed to be a how to guide, and it would be pretty dull if it was (note: it may already be dull).


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