This morning:

Train 1 cancelled
Train 2 turns up with only 3 carriages, completely packed. About three people manage to get on.
Train 3 turns up with 6, count them, 6, completely 100% empty carriages. But it doesn’t stop, because that sounds a lot like customer service and ain’t nobody got time for that.
Train 4 turns up but it doesn’t go to the right station
Train 5 turns up and I board it

Get to the station, train 3 is sat there at another platform waiting to depart in the opposite direction, so if it had picked up passengers, it would have moved 90% of the people on my line affected by the problems to their intended destination, and still would have been in the right place at the right time for the next timetable. And then about 300 people tried to get through 3 ticket barriers, because why let people go about their daily lives when you can delay them even more? FUN.

In other news I am going to see a doctor later about my metatarsalgia. Predictably, after getting to the point last week that I was having trouble walking, it all feels almost better most of the time now, except still some weirdness e.g. when I step off a train and put the front of my foot down first.

I haven’t run in almost 4 weeks now, and I also stopped doing squats and overhead presses (but I’m still doing deadlifts and rows). I iced it a lot over the weekend and since, I’ve been aggressively foam rolling and gently stretching my calves, and have been wearing running shoes to work. This all seems to help, but I can’t ice it forever.


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