With my ongoing metatarsalgia* I have pretty much given up on running for the indefinite future, so I find myself looking at the stationary bike again. I don’t have the willpower to stay on it for any length of time (because it’s incredibly boring), but to make sure I am getting on it I’ve mixed things up a bit by going with sprints.

I know from experience that you have to be very conservative the first time you try something new, lest you find out 12 hours later that all your muscles have seized up and you can’t move, so on Saturday I went with a five minute warm-up (low resistance, high cadence) and then did 3 * 45 second sprints. That left me with no bad after effects, so today I thought I’d try six 45s sprints. The first was fine, the second seemed a bit tough, and by the time I got off the bike after the third it became apparent that my legs were made of jelly.

* I am reasonably sure it’s caused by a tight ankle and when I find a way to loosen it the pain should resolve, but as ever, we shall see.


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