I bought my mum a tablet for Christmas, mostly because I thought she would find it very useful (she just has a desktop PC but spends a lot of time reading emails and websites), and slightly because I was curious. The tablet in question is the Hudl2, which is a budget Android tablet. I did some research and the way it stacks up is that it’s slightly less good than high end models in every way, but it’s not sufficiently less good to justify spending much more money on something slightly better (and which will likely be obsolete in a relatively short time period).

Initial impressions were: wow! The most amazing thing to me is Google’s voice recognition. It’s not perfect e.g. “Daily Mile” gets mistaken for a certain tabloid newspaper, but even that is impressive in itself…

Slightly later impressions were: wow, it is really hard to type complex passwords on this thing. It turns out I don’t remember passwords as strings of characters, I remember them as muscle memory.

More later impressions: I find the approach behind the software a bit creepy. I don’t really like having the device tied in to a Google account (it’s not mandatory, but it does keep coming up) and I dislike how many apps are not up front about what they expect from you, either in terms of in-app purchasing or whether they come with advertising. I find this irritating enough to mean I won’t be buying one for myself any time soon.


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