Objective C

At work I now find myself in the surprising position of being an iOS developer (at least for the last two days and foreseeable future). Being a developer is quite strange in that the goalposts move so quickly and so far, and the main point of your job (from your own perspective) is to make sure you are adding the right things to your CV. So far at this job I have built up vast quantities of JavaScript experience, AngularJS, some TypeScript, and C#.NET MVC. This is all good and marketable (except TypeScript which might catch on but for now is a bit irrelevant I think, but I like it and it’s basically JS so it’s not coming at the expense of anything else).
I am not so sure about Objective C because it’s a strange language which is only really used by Apple; nobody else  found a use for it. Apple is trying to replace it with something called Swift, which looks more like JavaScript and less like C on an acid trip. Swift’s main advantage is that it’s not Objective C and on this basis alone, its chances are good. This means my future Objective C skills are likely to be obsolete relatively soon, but I can rationalise this in two ways: 1. I have done enough with C in the past that Objective C as a language is not really a large investment of effort, and 2. The real learning curve is in the Apple specific APIs (Cocoa) which are similar or identical in Swift, therefore most of what I’m learning is not at such high risk of obsolescence.
It is difficult to evaluate how valuable this skill is to me. I think my summary is that I am unlikely to ever field iOS development as my main ‘thing’, so it is valuable in as much as it will come in handy when applying to jobs that list it under the “beneficial but not required” section. So it is not harmful to spend a few months with it, but I don’t want to spend the next 12 months doing nothing but iOS development.

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