The ongoing child abuse scandal…

We can speculate that the reason that the ongoing child abuse scandal is being so hampered is that there are very powerful people involved who don’t want it made public. For readers not in the UK who may not be aware of this, there has recently been a huge influx of historical child sexual abuse allegations from the 70s and 80s against famous people in both the media and politics. It appears that paedophilia and abuse was rife in those circles.

A dossier of evidence was compiled in the 80s by an MP, which was lost by the then home secretary, as if it was not really important or interesting that senior politicians were deeply involved in child abuse. That a document of such significance could be ‘lost’ is so astounding that it stretches one’s belief.

The current home secretary (Theresa May) re-opened the investigation by appointing head of an inquiry an ex-judge (Baroness Butler-Sloss). As if it wasn’t already ridiculous enough that an inquiry against ‘the establishment’ was being led by an ex judge baroness with a double barrelled surname, Butler-Sloss had to resign (after clinging on as long as possible) because it turned out her (dead) brother was implicated in the whole thing.  So Theresa May then appointed a slightly less establishment lawyer and ex lord mayor of London to lead the inquiry, who then also had to resign because she used to go to dinner parties with some of the people involved. I’m not making this up. There is a point at which you cease to believe that Mrs May is really this incompetent and begin to suspect she might actually be acting maliciously.

We can suppose that the reason the inquiry is being hindered at every point is that the knowledge and evidence of child abuse of senior political figures is extraordinarily valuable information whilst it is kept secret. We already know that while intelligence services have no official political power or influence, they love to collect data, and it’s reasonable to suppose that they keep a lot of secrets on MPs, which would give them a great amount of political power. Therefore it would remove a lot of their bargaining power if the child abuse evidence was made public, as they presumably are aware of a lot of it. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s the ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone saying they did the exact same thing against Northern Ireland politicians.


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