The best argument against democracy…

This is a comment from a thread on a Financial Times article about the decline in real wages. Unfortunately it’s pay-walled, but it made the observation: the fall in real wages for those aged 18 to 25 has been so extreme, they are now back to levels last seen in 1988. Ouch.

As I grow old, I will keep working in order to invest and provide for my daughters and their future families. My parents did this for me. Their parents did this for them. ….  Why should someone steal what I want to pass to my family to give to others? Wealth sharing is theft. What I earn, I want to retain for my family, to give them choices.

In a thread about wage suppression, he is against wealth redistribution because his parents were able to support him. The whole point here is that your earning potential is lower than that of your parents when they were your age, and therefore your ability to support your children is less than your parents’ ability to support you. You aren’t giving your family choices, you are sitting in a system which is gradually removing yours and their choices because you have a misguided (and very American) notion that if you work hard everything will be OK, despite all evidence to the contrary.

I consider the person above to be both selfish and immensely, dangerously stupid. I am no less selfish, but I have completely the opposite view. I want to see basic income introduced into the UK even though it would be funded from my taxes. I want to it to be technically unnecessary to work, because I do not want my salary to be suppressed by  people who are willing to work for peanuts. I want to see desperate, vulnerable people well supported by the state so they do not drive down working and living conditions.
Unfortunately it will never happen because too much of the electorate is composed of people who will so easily vote against their own interests, like the person above. Too many people will not consider the wider implications of such a policy and instead go straight into daily mail reader mode of “WHAT, YOU MEAN THEY’RE GETTING SOMETHING FOR FREE?!”. For a well educated country, most of us are not very smart.

The same user has also posted this:  “actually, the immigration result of today is more about the education system of 1990 to 2000. Any manager or employer will tell you that the reason the Polish (general term) are now INDISPENSABLE is because half the Brits you see turn up for interview/assessment are unemployable donuts.”

Whenever you see the statement “we can’t employ British people, they are useless, that’s why we hire foreigners”, you always must qualify it with “at the wages we are willing to pay”. This is exactly why we have wage suppression!  If your candidates are unemployable donuts [sic], that means you need to pay more money. This is what encourages a healthy economy. Since I can’t say “my wages are a bit rubbish, I’ll just import more employers from richer countries”, why can employers say “my candidates are a bit rubbish, I’ll just import more employees from poorer countries”?


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