do you even lift

I am the proud owner of a 50kg barbell + dumbbell weight set

The difficulty is in working out where to start. I did a proper session last night consisting of sets of deadlifts, squats, cleans and presses (yes, I am down with the lingo). The damage this morning was fairly obvious to my hamstrings but everything else is ok, which seems a bit odd because you’d expect the upper body stuff to hit me much harder.


Unfortunately my knee pain reared its ugly head later last night. According to my logs I’ve gone 3 months pain free, so I can’t complain too much. The timing is inconvenient because it looks like it was the weights what did it, but I suspect it was the run I did 24 hours before (which is consistent with previous experiences). So I am going to learn from experience and rest it for a few days. Some injuries heal faster if you exercise them. This isn’t one of them, which is annoying because I’m pretty sure my hamstrings would recover much faster with a run tonight.


I like blogging

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