Independence Day

Scottish independence: I’m English and I think you should vote yes, because I think the UK is a stupid pseudo American country that screws over most of its inhabitants, and you have a genuine chance to break away from the root causes of that (i.e. Westminster) and fix it.

I think it’s ridiculous that we have a minimum wage which is so low that it requires benefits to top it up to a living wage, thereby meaning that the state subsidises greedy employers.
I think it’s ridiculous that at the last general election the only thing we really agreed on was “none of these, please”, and at the next election, in less than a year’s time from now, we basically get exactly the same choice again, except we’ve replaced Gordon Brown with someone even less electable (which, frankly, is a huge achievement). It doesn’t matter who we vote for – we will get a public schoolboy Oxbridge graduate.
I think it’s ridiculous we charge students £9000 per year for university. And it’s even more ridiculous that they pay for it by taking out a loan from the state which they won’t actually ever pay back. The state is footing the bill for this in the stupidest way possible.
I think it’s ridiculous that we have a housing crisis which fuels our growing economy with imaginary money, and everyone is apparently content to let it run away with itself and eventually crash horribly because 33% of MPs are landlords and are raking in (real) money from it!
I think it’s ridiculous that in a time when employment and wages have struggled, we’ve mostly responded to this not by stimulating sustainable long term growth or by reassessing the distribution of income, but instead by attacking benefit claimants.

A yes vote is risky, but a no vote is hardly safe. The UK in general is not on a promising course right now.


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