overly competitive

Yesterday evening I was enjoying a nice run through a park when another runner’s path converged with mine. She was going VERY slightly slower than me, so I overtook her. Apparently she didn’t like this, because 3 seconds later she powered past me and then proceeded to slow down to my pace, so to avoid escalating the situation I remained about 2 metres behind her until she went a different way. Yes, you win. VERY MATURE.

Running is going ok. Since my last round of knee problems I have made some changes and thus far in the last 5 weeks I’ve been very almost entirely pain free (the one exception being a few twinges one day after going too hard the day before, which I kind of expected at the time, and to be honest I’m expecting more tomorrow but we’ll see). The changes are:

1. I’m finally committed to running slower. Most of my runs are now at about 8:30-40/mile and that for me is a comfortable pace that doesn’t put me much out of breath (compared to my 7:10/mile maintainable but totally out of breath pace). I’m even managing to avoid being pressured by overly competitive runners, mostly.

2. I’m doing squats, deadlifts and single-leg romanian deadlifts on a weekly schedule (twice a week) and more isolated hip exercises 5-6 times a week. The hip exercises are mostly glute bridges (3×15) and hip hikes (2×20), the latter of which seem really helpful in general leg stability, and which seem to be responsible for me actually feeling my glute med/min muscles when I run now. The other stuff is weighted with dumbbells and I am considering buying a barbell because squatting with dumbbells is not amazingly convenient. I have to say that doing weighted deep squats is a really amazing workout of pretty much every muscle below my waist and quite a lot of muscles above. It has taken me quite a bit of practice to get the mobility and control to perform a deep squat, but it’s definitely worth it.

3. I bought some shoes with mild support (Asics GT-3000). I don’t know if this helps…


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