Since I very sadly depleted all of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis’s episodes, I have been watching a mixture of Pushing Daisies and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Pushing Daisies is bizarre. In some ways it really grates on me but in other ways I like it. Overall it is watchable and you will enjoy much of it while at the same time it will slowly drive you insane. I wish it tried less hard to be quirky, I wish that the two main characters weren’t individually annoying and collectively even more annoying, and last but not least, I wish that the strong intelligent female characters weren’t completely undermined by spending 90% of their camera time with their chests exploding from their dresses.

The Next Generation: Ok, I’m a bit confused here because I remember TNG from when they used to show it on BBC2 after The Simpsons, and I seem to remember it being decent television, whereas I’m up to series 2 now and the ratio of good to bad episodes is pretty dubious. I guess that later series get better, but the first two are really not great. I suspect that it would have been cancelled early on were it not for the terrific acting from Patrick Stewart, Levar Burton and Brent Spiner (Picard, Geordi and Data) injecting a lot of life into the episodes and characters regardless of the dubious writing. For example I don’t think many actors could rescue the idea of their character negotiating with a talking oil slick.

My particular favourite WTF is the entire character of Troi. Ok, so I am an adult, I realise the entire point of Troi is to wear tight clothes and emphasise her ample bosom, but really ignoring that, her whole character is just a waste of space. She basically sits on the bridge and earns her place there by using her psychic mind reading powers to make such insightful observations as “I sense much aggression” after someone threatens violence, “I sense much jealousy” after a man gets snappy when someone else mentions a woman he stares at a lot, or “I sense that he is a charming rogue” after being presented with a charismatic and apparently friendly man who flies alone on a spaceship and dresses like Han Solo.


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