Ain’t no party like a communist party

I was reading the Guardian (first mistake) and noticed on one of the articles about the Malaysian plane crash a commenter was staunchly defending Russia. I looked a bit closer and it’s very interesting – – he has a British sounding name and yet his comment history is formed entirely of defending Russia and attacking Ukraine on news stories about Russia.

Remember when the internet wasn’t full of people being paid to spread propaganda? I liked it back then. Let’s go back to that.

It makes you wonder – how do the putinbots* come up with these identities? It’s called ‘Chris Leach’ and it has a photo. Is Chris Leach a real person, and is that his photo? If so, how does he feel about those comments being posted against his name and photo? What happens when a future employer googles his name and sees him going off on one about how evil western europe is and how we need to be liberated by the peaceable Russian military? The web is a scary place. Originally it was always advised that you didn’t place any personal information or photos on the web. Back then, people followed the advice and it was paranoia. Right now, nobody follows it, but ignoring it is more dangerous than ever.

*and let’s face it, it’s not just Russia doing this.

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