Alone :\

1. I have the house to myself this week. It feels very weird already. A few days is ok but a week seems like a very long time. I guess that I will just be getting used to it by next Friday and then my tranquil utopia will be shattered again. It is strange though. At the moment, I wish I had a dog.

2. My glute strengthening is off to a good start. Today let us just say my gluteus maximus is rather sore. I am very surprised by this and it shows they really are weak. I was doing the resistance band hip extension exercise for the last week or so, but when I really really paid attention, I realised it was my hamstrings doing all the work, not my glutes. Yesterday I tried it a few times throughout the day without the resistance band, but making sure I was contracting my glutes before starting. This morning I woke up with a rather sore arse. It’s pretty sensitive. It seems amazing that some very light exercise has done this. You would think that with running frequently they would be, well, at least a bit strong, but apparently they really aren’t used to doing anything at all. I’m pleased with this because it gives me something very definite I can work on quite easily, and maybe this is finally the real source of my knee problems. It would also explain some of my chronic muscle tightness, if those other muscles are doing work that the glutes should be.


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