Knees revisited

Let’s talk about knees. My knee is mostly ok but not 100%. It felt 100% for a couple of months until the start of June, then it’s been wavering a bit with the same sorts of sensations as I had earlier in the year. In brief I get pain and aches of various forms of various intensities around the inner side of the knee. At the moment it feels ‘ok’. For example, on Sunday I noticed I was landing heavily on my right foot but not my left, and Monday evening I had some twinges in my right knee (there’s that magic 36 hour delay again). Tuesday evening during a run the surrounding muscles felt tight but eased off, and immediately after I stopped, there was some vague dull aching for about 20 minutes or so, in yet another location (side/back), but it didn’t last long. So it’s ‘ok’. It’s not complaining loudly, but it is telling me I should be cautious.

It’s taken me a while to put all this together, while becoming a leading expert on knees, but I think it’s a stability issue of my right leg. I think the reason the symptoms are so unpredictable and seemingly random is because I’m not actually doing anything wrong that I have any fine control over, it’s just that sometimes my leg doesn’t stay stable enough, but it depends on volatile conditions exactly what that means physically so the symptoms move around accordingly. Basically, my right leg collapses inwards while it’s bearing my weight and pushing my forwards, probably because my right hips/glutes are doing a poor job of keeping me upright and balanced, and this places strain on my inner right leg.

With this epiphany I now have a focussed plan, and my plan is to increase my hip strength and try to balance the flexibility (right much tighter than left). There is a good exercise which has you balanced on one leg, stood on a resistance band which is around your back leg, which you extend out behind you (so the supporting leg anchors the band and the back leg pushes out against it). Using my left leg for support this is a bit hard. Using my right leg for support and my gluteus medius starts burning. This is a good exercise because it’s not dissimilar to the landing position; your back leg extended behind you and your front leg supporting you with knee slightly bent.


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