football :(

You might think that England not being in the world cup might exempt me from having to listen to an hour of football related chat every morning. You might think that. You might expect it. But you’d be wrong. Next time I change job I will have to vet my potential new co-workers to make sure they don’t watch football. Or at least that they can be quiet.

In other news #1, Rebekah Brooks found not guilty? This is surprising; it seems like virtually everyone had it in for her. I won’t pretend I’m not pleased. People on Reddit and so seem a bit upset about this and think it’s due to corruption. This seems unlikely to me; Andy Coulson was found guilty despite this being a huge embarrassment to David Cameron, who employed him for a while. If there was a means and motive for a corrupt trial to find one of them innocent, it would find Andy Coulson, not Rebekah Brooks, innocent.

In other news #2, I had a pretty good run on Sunday but immediately after I got back I realised my foot/toe was not ok again. I don’t know what I did to it, but my shoes felt tight and maybe the heat made my foot swell a bit to make them even tighter. It is exactly the same problem as I had a few months ago, which at the time occurred one week into a 3 week running break. I never knew what caused it. I decided to risk an easy run last night knowing that it would make it feel either better or much worse, and it seems to have gone with ‘better’. Very strange. It’s not 100% but it’s better now than it has been since Sunday. I don’t understand my body.


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