Hayfever tablets: I took one tablet per day last week. I have before accidentally taken the drowsy versions, and it works like so: at 10:00AM you think “I’m sneezing, I better take a tablet”. By 3:00PM you realise that your attention span has completely disappeared and the proper utilisation of a chair seems to require more energy than usual. The non-drowsy ones are better in that it takes about 5 days of daily use before they make you feel this way. On Saturday I went to bed at 10:30PM and I didn’t wake up until 9:00AM on Sunday. I didn’t take one on Sunday. Now I feel much better.

Banks. Every year I end up creating a savings account with 12 months guaranteed but still rubbish interest rate. Every year I end up with a lower interest rate than the previous year. This year is getting a bit ridiculous at 1%. I can devalue my own money, why do I need a bank. That’s a serious question. I don’t get it.

Phones. Even more than I hate banks, or maybe just the same amount, I also hate phones. My trusty non-smart phone has displayed the initial signs of not being so trusty. Every time this happens it gets harder and harder to replace it with a non-smart phone, because smart phones eclipse the market. I have looked at smartphones, as I do every time, and they just seem ridiculously expensive for what they are. It’s not worth spending £20 a month on a data plan that is so restrictive that you couldn’t use it, but by the time you bump it up to something that gives you more freedom, you’re looking at £450 a year for the privilege of being able to read Reddit on the train. Crazy. I could instead put that £450 in a high interest savings account, oh wait.

I like blogging

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