evaluation time

It is one of those times I have to use my brain.

The full story with my knee is so: I ran Saturday with some intermittent pain. I noticed that my posture was bad so I made a conscious effort to fix that and the pain vanished. Then I ran Sunday, with focus on posture, and it was almost entirely pain free. Overall the best run in over a week.

Then, fate is cruel, the problems started on Monday afternoon – a whole day and a half after running. A very peculiar cold achy (throbbing?) feeling across the inner portion of my knee that seemed to come and go regardless of what I was actually doing (moving it around, walking, sat still, etc). No swelling, warmth, stiffness, limitations to range of motion, etc. Things were fine on Tuesday. Wednesday AM had a bit of a dull ache (much lower intensity than Monday), then Thursday seems ok.

There are a few other possible causes but running is the most physically stressful thing I do so I am going to make the assumption that running caused it. I’ve cut out the other possibilities too so they won’t affect anything now.

The long feedback cycle is 1. baffling – what causes it? and 2. very inconvenient because it makes inference hard. I don’t know if it was Saturday or Sunday that caused it (or both). If it was Saturday then we are looking at a 48+ hour delay. This also affects what I can do in the near future. If it really is a 48+ hour delay, I need a 48+ hour recovery time between all runs to assess whether I’m actually ok for the next one.

Mistakes were made (by me):
1. Over the past few weeks my left quads and hips have been very achy and inflexible and this may well have affected the load I’ve been placing on my right leg. I should have taken more time off for muscle recovery. This was probably exacerbated by #2…
2. As well as this my form has been bad because, as outlined above, slouching. I think my form is reasonably good, on the whole, when I am going at a comfortable/fast pace. But when I intentionally go at a slower pace (because, say, my muscles are sore), I put in less effort and slouch. I think that this probably put more strain on my quads, hence #1, as well as altering the way I absorb impacts. I think it is hard to run at different paces because it implies different technique and you must be comfortable with all of it.

So with all that in mind, here is the plan:

1. No unnecessary leg based activity until Sunday
2. Assuming all is ok, slow pace 2.3 mile flat run Sunday AM (I happen to have a 2.3 mile route)
3. No unnecessary leg based activity until Tuesday
4. Assuming all is ok, Tuesday evening: repeat Sunday’s run


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