Now my knee pain has progressed to a weird toothe-ache sort of pain in my inner knee. It started this afternoon (roughly 30 hours after an almost entirely pain-free run), at which time I had just spent a few hours sat at my desk. Hardly strenuous activity.

I can sit entirely still then it strikes for a few seconds/minutes then goes away. It has got worse and more frequent this evening.

I have had this pain before, but not to this intensity. Previous times, it just struck a handful of times over a few days then went away of its own accord.

So frustrating. In the words of Captain Barbossa, I am the master of my fate, not me knee. So it looks like I am not running for a while.

edit: more thoughts – because of last Thursday I’ve been icing and compressing a lot with a compression sleeve thing, maybe I have compressed too much and irritated something.


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