Knees are ridiculous

Unfortunately I didn’t get the luxury of treating my knee as a generic minor injury and running through it as intended after all. I had no complaints this morning but over the course of the day it developed into a dull pain when walking around, mostly on the leg swing phase. I’m not even going to attempt to run if I can’t walk pain free.

It’s strange that this happens 36-48 hours days after a run. I checked my log and this is exactly the same situation as I have noted in February. It must be that something gradually tightens up.

My self-diagnosis in February was that it was one or more of the pes anserine tendons, and I’m still of that opinion. If I am right, I am better prepared this time and hopefully it won’t drag on like last time.

Since I got home I’ve I’ve aggressively RICEd it and I’m liberally employing the bound angle pose to try to open up my adductors some more, all of which does seem to have helped. I’ll do the same tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, we might get an easy run in over the weekend… but as ever, we shall see.


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