My knee is starting to misbehave again and it is annoying. It’s bothered me on 3 out of 4 of my last runs, and last night it was the whole time; it didn’t ease off much as I got warmer. It’s the same feeling as a few months ago; an ache around the joint of the inner side of my knee. Hard to pinpoint exactly, but feels close to the surface rather than deep inside. It is minor right now so I am tempted to go with the “don’t negotiate with terrorists” approach and see how it goes. I have had a list of minor injuries as long as my arm since I restarted, and I solved all of them by ignoring them and continuing to run.

Last time, I saw two doctors and a physio. The doctors were useless. The physio seemed reasonably sure it was not anything serious, and the fact it’s not been a problem for the last two and a half months supports his view, but wasn’t quite so confident about what it was. I tried toning back mileage and intensity and taking off the odd week here and there but in the end the only thing it responded to was taking three weeks off. So for now I am going to resist the urge to dial things back and just see how it goes. Obviously if it gets worse I’ll re-evaluate, but for now I’ll treat it like any other minor injury. It’s a bold strategy; let’s see if it pays off.

In the meantime, lots of yoga. My hips are too tight.

In other news I’m feeling very smart as I managed to put 9 clues into the Guardian’s cryptic today.


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