Today I learnt an important lesson about heavy rain, lightly coloured clothing, and my nipples. I felt soreness most of the way, but then towards the end I looked down and realised just how poorly the situation had progressed. I’ve seen pictures of course but in three years of running I’d never seriously entertained the idea that mine might start bleeding. I think the rain today and Thursday must have caused more friction. And yes, this is proper material, not cotton.

I am still rather sore.

Tomorrow I am going to tape them. Assuming I run tomorrow. My run today was good and my legs feel strong and loose afterwards. As I have spent the last week hobbling around, this makes me suspicious.

I’m worried that if I start buying lubricant from Amazon it will start suggesting awkward items. Then I will log in at work, and it will come up with “People who bought body-glide also bought this large purple object”. I’ll try the tape first.


I like blogging

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  1. Martha B says:

    Band aids are your best friend. I would save the bloody nip shirt for special occasions just to creep people out, but that’s just me.

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