It’s election day, contain your excitement

Today is the European elections! I am as excited for them as I ever was, i.e. not much. As is usually the case, I have spent the last few weeks thinking about it and deciding “None of these people represents me, I don’t think I’ll bother voting”, and now on election day I’ve woken up and thought “well actually…”. And at least there is proportional representation, unlike our own ridiculous voting system, so maybe I will.

The choice is something like this:
Conservatives – no
Labour – doubt it
Lib dems – no thanks, Judas
UKIP – lol
BNP – Like a less funny version of Roderick Spode
Greens – erm, maybe?

The literature I’ve received has been uninspiring. Labour, conservatives, lib dems and UKIP all seem to be running much the same campaign tactics as each other, which is to say that Labour are arguing that they are a better choice because they are not the conservatives, lib dems or UKIP. Conservatives are arguing they are the better choice because they are not labour, lib dems or UKIP. And so it goes on.

I don’t think the greens are a terrible choice. I don’t think they are amazing either. They are in favour of reducing defence spending and they are anti-nuclear power. Any politician who is in favour of reducing the defence budget should spend a few months playing Civilization. We have the luxury of deciding which battles to fight precisely because we have the defensive assets to deter anyone else from making that choice for us. As Sun Tzu said: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”.

I am able to dismiss concerns about their stupider policies with the observation that they aren’t in any danger of gaining enough power to be able to implement them anyway, which isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement. I am still not entirely convinced to go and vote… we will see later.

My completely uninformed predictions are something like this:
UKIP and Labour in the lead
Conservatives following closely behind
Lib dems straggling way behind
Greens very closely behind the lib dems
BNP will be forgotten like always, because they are ridiculous
and then we’ll have all the stupid tiny parties made up of people who got kicked out of UKIP

I think UKIP will do so well because if it wasn’t for UKIP, nobody would care. I have absolutely zero memory of any previous European election, and the fact this one is different is entirely, absolutely, 100% down to Nigel Farage.


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