Legs of steel

Recent history:

Last Sunday: recovery run + strength session. Legs ok.
Last Monday: “It’s a holiday and I’m bored. I think I’ll do another strength session”. Legs ache a bit.
Last Tuesday: Run. Legs ache a bit.
Last Wednesday: Yoga. OK.
Last Thursday: Run. Legs are like lead weights.
Saturday: Long run. Legs are a bit tired but nothing too bad.
Sunday: Recovery run. Legs don’t work properly. No strength sessions for me this week.
Monday: Tiny little sharp pains in quads when moving around after sitting down. Feel better in the evening.
Tuesday: “It hasn’t felt too bad today, maybe I’ll try a really short and really slow run”. Spent whole run saying “oo, oo, oo, oo” every time my left quads had to do something.

I don’t know whether to skip Thursday’s run and rest until the weekend or to try to repeat the short slow run I did Tuesday. I know that light activity can help things heal more than doing nothing…

Partially I put this down to poor sleep. I had an insomnia attack on Saturday and I’m pretty sure that has an effect.


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