update monday – calves and ankles why have you forsaken me :(

it’s only the left ankle.

I have been steadily increasing weekly mileage. I am now back up to 12. or 13. 12.something. It’s a small number. I had my ‘long’ run (4 miles) planned for Saturday but Friday evening by left ankle started hurting for no obvious reason. A sharpish pain right down the inside. I walked home on it, I did some light stretching when I got home but I mostly felt loose so it was a bit half hearted. So I sat down and when I stood up I found it really really hurt to walk. Saturday morning was not much better. I was going to just stay in and mope, but eventually I decided to go for a walk. Lo and behold, after 15 minutes it felt absolutely fine. I did run after all, but chose a short route which I then extended into 3.6 miles, so all in all it was pretty good. It hurt a bit afterwards, but nowhere near as much as before.

On Sunday it felt fine so I did the intended 4 mile route. I got home, collapsed (as usual – I try to up my pace in the last half mile), five minutes later I stood up and did some squats (I usually have Sunday as a “let’s obliterate my legs” day – squats, single leg squats and romanian deadlifts, unweighted first then weighted, then more weighted), and after the first set I realised my calf was cramping. huh? It stayed feeling tight most of the day.

I am having trouble with this foot in general. In the past month I’ve had plantar fasciitis which lasted about two weeks and gradually sorted itself out. Shortly after that the top of my toes towards the outside of my foot felt bruised, which also lasted a few weeks and is now pretty much gone. As of last Thursday the outside of my ankle has some small pain, as well as the short lived inner ankle pain and calf cramping. And an occasional weird and unpleasant but not painful click on the top of my foot when I walk. It seems that I need to strengthen some muscle but I am yet to work out which one.


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