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I am sad about Sue Townsend, the author of Adrian Mole’s diaries, who has recently died.

Adrian Mole evokes so many strange memories for me. He is a work of fiction who is both simultaneously brilliant, because he’s slightly dysfunctional to comic effect, but also he is a tiny bit depressing because, at the same time, he hits a bit too close to home. He represents a completely average, marginally disappointing life while being entertaining and mostly believable. It was always wonderful how he never got over his first and only real love (Pandora), and spent the rest of his life vaguely pining after her but generally accepting that nothing more was ever going to happen. There is something special about that which just seems like an accurate comment that life in general doesn’t often end up going exactly where you want it to, and you just muddle on regardless. That is how I see it anyway.

I don’t remember much about the TV series except that whenever I see Stephen Mangan in something now, I always think “hey, that’s Adrian Mole”. Actually, forget that, I do remember something else: Nigel is driving a delivery van, gets out and Adrian blurts out “Nigel! I thought you were gay!” to which he responds curtly “it’s a sexuality, Moley, not a profession”.

I feel sad now.

I like blogging

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