Where is my hour?

So, basically, the lost hour has killed me. Why does it feel like I have to get to work an hour earlier, but it doesn’t feel like I go home an hour earlier? Shenanigans. I had a poorly timed attack of insomnia on Saturday, so mixed with losing an hour anyway, I felt pretty much zombified yesterday and frankly I still feel much the same today. I am not a person who can function well on low amounts of sleep.

Enough of that.

Running update:
Last week I managed 3 runs, this week 4 (4 is always the target). Mileage is still low: Last week – 6.5ish, this week 9ish (with a long of 3.1). Speed is reasonable at about 7:55/mile on average, pretty consistently.

Things are going ok but I did have a slightly sore knee this morning. I think it’s minor and should be ok by tomorrow. In any case, that’s a sign my mileage should not increase this/next week. Adductors seem to have finally accepted their fates and have stopped aching. Very sore to touch area on my right quad. The usual stuff.

My foot is still bothering me a tiny little bit, but it seems generally unaffected by running. Icing it seems to manage it but I really want it to actually get better. I’ve ordered some nicely cushioned running shoes (Asics Cumulus) for everyday walking, which might give it enough everyday protection/support for it to finally clear up properly. But who knows.


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