Nige vs Nick

Political debates are dreadfully pointless, I hope they don’t actually catch on in this country.

There are two main problems:
1. Nobody’s opinion ever changes. If you thought Nigel was a clown after watching it, there’s a good chance you thought that before too.
2. Political debates exist in a reality which does not intersect our own. Never will anyone listen to their opponent and say “oh actually, I hadn’t thought about it like that, that’s a good point”. There is never an actual outcome. They are just not useful.

I struggle to care much about UKIP. A lot of people get very angry about them, but I look at them with mostly apathy and occasionally entertainment. I sort of like Nigel Farage because he’s a talented troll, but also because his influence is so disconnected from anything I care about. Politics and voting in this country works very strangely – we have essentially one right wing party and left wing parties (gross and totally inaccurate simplification – they are all right wing). As a result the two left wing parties steal each others’ votes and weaken the left simply by existing. UKIP is a right wing party and as they are getting popular, the only threat they pose is to the conservative party because that is whose votes they are taking.

It is depressing that UKIP elicits such a furious response from various left wingers who apparently feel the need to denounce them as evil xenophobes because it shows they don’t quite understand how the mathematics of voting works, but ultimately, UKIP’s existence is something I think is probably for the best for everyone who is not a conservative MP.


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