One of those weird things happened to me today.

I was walking to the station after work, and I saw someone coming in the opposite direction who for some reason reminded me of someone I used to work with in my previous job. I had an imaginary awkward conversation in my head about what I’d been doing since I left, blah blah blah, and thought “lucky that wasn’t him or I’d have had to have had that tedious conversation”.

5 minutes later, I get to the station and WHO SHOULD I SEE standing at the platform waiting for a train. Double-you-tee-eff. No this is not a common occurrence. I haven’t seen him since I left, and I’ve been going to that station at roughly that time 5 days a week for the last year and a half.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that I did what any self respecting English person would do; I avoided eye contact and pretended I hadn’t seen/recognised him to avoid having to spend the next 15 minutes in an awkward conversation neither of us really wanted to have.

Little bit strange…

Wikipedia has a thoroughly dull article on precognition, which I don’t recommend reading.


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