Positive waves

I’m back running after having three weeks off.

It’s documented that a three week break won’t significantly degrade your cardio fitness. It didn’t feel that way, it felt really hard. But maybe that’s because it was the Annual British Summertime over the weekend and I am not used to tropical conditions such as 12 degrees C and being blinded by a large yellow object in the sky. Shorts and a t-shirt? In March?! By Tuesday I was back to long sleeves and tights, though.

I’ve run three times now (Sat/Sun/Tues) and so far everything is all good. I am planning to go again on Thursday, so right from the (re)start I am consistently doing four times a week. I was in two minds whether to start with a lower frequency, but I decided that it was less risky to start with high frequency low mileage, and gradually push the mileage one or two days a week, than it was to start with lower frequency then later have to re-arrange everything to fit in another day or two a week, which seemed like it would be a bigger shock on my body.

My foot is still acting up a bit. It’s obviously not caused by running (since it struck a week into the three week break) but it is a big risk factor. It was OK over the weekend, then ached a bit Monday and Tuesday, but I ran on it Tuesday evening anyway (to no real effect), iced it afterwards, and it seems happier today… It’s a strange thing. I occasionally get light heel pain on my left foot which I’ve always attributed to extremely mild plantar fasciitis that has never actually got going, and I was feeling it a day before this new pain struck. The new pain is more around my big toe and arch, which seems to be in the wrong place for PF, but Occam’s razor says the two are probably related. I am aggressively rolling it with a tennis ball at work. So far I am yet to let the ball roll under anyone else’s desk.


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