It has been three weeks of no running now (or at least, will be tomorrow). The outcome is that my knee has not been affected much, if at all, at least from a day to day perspective. It’s had an awful lot more rest than I had anticipated because my foot incapacitated me (entirely unprovoked) for about a week. I guess it is not really surprising that it hasn’t helped, but you have to try these things.

The foot is mostly improved so I am hopefully going to start running again this weekend. It will be short and pathetic miles for obvious reasons and a gradual build up again but the important thing is to get out there and see how it is. I am currently sitting on an NHS physio referral which I have so far deferred deciding whether to use…

I have missed it. The first week was ok, the second week was surprisingly tolerable but the third week has been tough. You think of running as being a physical thing but really most of the effects are mental.


Last night I had a dream that I was at sixth form and I’d lost my timetable and had therefore missed most of my lessons, because apparently finding or making a copy of the timetable was beyond my abilities. I was discussing this with my form tutor, and by “discussing with”, I mean “being berated by”, who told me my life was ruined because I had no chance of passing physics. At this point dreams merged with reality and I pointed out I already had two degrees and my A level results weren’t really that important, but she was having none of it. Then I woke up, and, not yet entirely with the programme, I thought “ok, that was a nasty dream… but I should start going to physics lessons more often”.


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