Two weeks

I am continuing the tradition of being in a much worse state for ‘rest’.

My knee is unchanged. Considering how stubborn it has been until now, this isn’t particularly surprising. However, I now have a new and much more pressing ailment: my foot (other leg). I had minor discomfort Monday and Tuesday, then major discomfort ever since. It seems to have subsided a bit but it’s still definitely not ok.

I have no idea what it is or what caused it. It has a few interesting parallels with my knee in that:

1. It’s mystifying. No obvious cause and doesn’t seem to fit into any one thing.
2. It’s very vague. I’ve felt pain in quite a few different places but I struggle to say exactly where they are.
3. It sometimes gives me grief if I sit in the same position for more than a few seconds in the form of a vague but pressing discomfort until I change position.

overall: I don’t know.

I have decided to start looking at my diet. The first and easiest thing is to stop taking cod liver oil. I started taking it a few months ago as a sort of preventative medicine against joint problems when a clicking tendon made me worried about my joints, and then ironically had joint problems (which the tendon never was). Cod liver oil is the easy one to get rid of because it’s not actually food, and it’s pretty disgusting so I won’t miss it. There is also some science behind this but it’s a bit hand-wavey and doesn’t all add up as well as it could. The reasoning goes roughly that CLO is very high in vitamin A and chronic vitamin A toxicity is a known risk (the Wikipedia page specifically mentions CLO). Vitamin A supposedly also might possibly perhaps* inhibit the body’s absorption of vitamin D, which can lead to bone and joint problems, amongst a whole list of other things (which I can’t relate to, except the vague ones, like being tired and irritable… check).

Looking at the numbers, cod liver oil does seem to have excessive amounts of vitamin A. I estimate that a teaspoon of it gives me 50% of my ‘safe threshold for intake’ on its own, which is about 167% of my RDA before we even consider my actual diet. So, err, yes, that does sound like a lot.

So if this is it I should be seeing improvements within a week or two. I bet I don’t. It seems a bit unlikely. But so does everything else.

* there is research suggesting it, but no one seems to have been interested in checking any further.


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