24th Feb was my first zero mile week of 2014. As you can see from the numbers (check out my pivot table skills) my mileage has been up and down, mostly down, all year so far, and that is entirely because of the unpredictability of my knee. I seem to have tried most combinations of running fast/slow far/short a lot/not much with no obvious patterns.

So it’s been 11 days with no running so far, and it feels… the same. Actually, in the last few days, it seems worse. I am prepared to be patient but 11 days is a long time and I’d expect it to at least not get worse. I am beginning to think… that maybe… just maybe… it has nothing to do with running. But I will keep up the non-running streak for a couple more weeks (at least until next weekend, which will take me to 3 weeks, or maybe the following weekend) for the sake of useful data. If I break the streak after 2 weeks then in a month’s time I might find myself thinking “what if I tried not running for 4 weeks…”, and that means taking a grand total of 6 weeks out. I’m missing it but it’s best to just suck it up now.

As usual the break from running is accompanied by the emergence of mystery aches. But it’s also done me some good; I seem to have finally worked out some of the awful mess in my right quads that had me (literally) jumping off the foam roller at some points (this wasn’t normal foam roller pain, it felt more like a nerve misbehaving).

I am still putting strain on my muscles and tendons with body weight and not-so-bodyweight (lightish dumbbells) exercises. It seemed reasonable to me that this would be safer than the impact of running, but maybe this is placing more harmful load on my body than running was, and is actually the source of my problems..? I am probably going to leave off the more demanding exercises for the next week/two weeks or so and see if that makes a difference.


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