The doctor’s general approach to the matter of my knee seemed to be that she appreciated earning a lot of money to do not very much and wasn’t interested in changing that situation. Her only real advice was “have you tried not running?”.

But, as annoying as it is, it does seem like taking a break from running is the most sensible option right now. Not because the doctor told me to do it, I hasten to add, but because the doctor was so useless as to be incapable of suggesting a better thought out alternative to the blindingly obvious advice my mum could give me. My mum doesn’t earn £100k per year for dispensing medical advice, but maybe she should.

I don’t actually expect rest to help very much, but I do expect it to allow symptoms to settle down, which may or may not be all I really need. If I spend the next 2-3 weeks (I’m already almost up to 1 week) not running while also working on strength and flexibility of all the obvious muscle groups, that could help.


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