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I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow which I booked last week for my ridiculous knee. I’m glad I did.

I ran on Saturday and everything was mostly fine (5 mile run, moderate pace, occasional twinge from mile 4 onwards, but nothing that persisted more than one step). On Sunday I went for a short walk; my knee gradually started hurting after a few minutes, and after 15 minutes I had to stop. I quad stretched, it made no difference. Then I did an adductor stretch and I walked 5 minutes relatively painlessly (it was coming back, but I was home by then).

This is totally different than anything I’ve had so far. I’ve not had pain that comes on gradually, I’ve not had pain that felt like that, and I’ve not had pain in that location. The location is very non-specific, but it seemed to run vertically up and down my knee, around/under the inner edge of my kneecap.

I was dreading getting to work this morning because it involves a 20 minute walk to the station then a 10 minute walk from the station. It was fine the whole way.

As usual my knee raises more questions than it answers.

I will see what the Dr says. I am not really expecting a lot, based on past experience.

The only theory I have, and it’s a bit rubbish, is that I’ve been doing a lot of lunge stretches lately to try to relieve the tension in my hamstrings (this actually seems to work) and this has me placing my weight through a bent knee for several minutes, which my body isn’t used to. Add to that tight adductors (=> too much internal femur rotation), the run on Saturday, and maybe it all got too much and irritated my kneecap/femur. But then there are questions:

1. Why the miraculous recovery? is it ok now?!
2. Is this related to all my other knee problems?
2a. If so, why is it different?
2b. If not, out of all the injuries I could get, why do I get one on the same knee that I’ve been having trouble with
3. Why does my inner thigh feel so weird

The adductors might be the key to the puzzle. Back in October when I regularly started doing longer distances (8 miles or so), I started to find my adductors used to ache a lot, and that was about the time little niggles started appearing. Unfortunately, the answer to WHY the adductors get tight seems to elude my Google skills.


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