The evenings are getting lighter at last

I did 3.4 miles last night at an average pace of… wait for it… 7:31 per mile. This is the fastest I’ve run for quite a while now. I didn’t really intend to go so quickly, but these things happen. This is the first time I’ve run after work and it’s still been pretty light, which is great.

I am a bit (a lot) bored/frustrated at work. Mostly that I am underpaid to begin with and now overdue for my annual pay rise, and I’m at that point in my career where experience racks up much faster than a yearly x% raise, and I could get a substantial jump simply by switching jobs. As a result of feeling underpaid, things begin to grate which you’d otherwise shrug off. Basically it is time for a new job but I don’t really want to go through the hassle of looking.

So when I got back home after work feeling a bit fed up, pushing the pace just felt right.

I got stopped after about a minute by someone asking for directions and he made sure to apologise for stopping me AS SLOWLY AS HE COULD, YES I GET IT, you’re sorry, oh yes, you’re right, you did “stop me in my tracks”, har har, now please just tell me what road you are looking for so I can tell you I’ve never heard of it (my watch was running the whole time), so when I started again I felt like I was behind and had to make up for it (silly, but ok). Then a bunch of teenagers fist bumped me as I ran past them and I felt I would let them down if I slowed down.

It felt pretty good.

Damage report:
Knees: fine
Right hip abductor: Sore after
Right hip adductor: Sensitive to massage (read: poking)


I like blogging

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