The ongoing saga of my knee

I’ve had an easy week this week due to life in general and the terrible, terrible weather. I kind of like running in the rain, but running in gale force winds? I’ll pass. I didn’t fight this much because after last week I felt like my knee could use a rest, and so now I have a more interesting data point.

Today was a ridiculously easy run with my sister, at about 2:30/mile slower than my regular comfortable pace, which, if you’ve never tried it, is really really unchallenging. So I’ve had two fairly easy weeks, just had a 6 day rest period, and today got back into it with a very easy run, and … it still hurt a bit, with twinges every so often and a sort of feeling of pressure on my shin which wore off. The reduced activity seems to have made no real difference.

This doesn’t really surprise me, but I had to try anyway. If my problems are caused by muscular imbalances and tightness then pure rest isn’t going to fix that, particularly if my job encourages muscle imbalances and tightness (which it does). My right hamstrings ached by the time we finished, which seems a bit ludicrous considering how little effort the run required of them, so I am definitely going to focus my next efforts there. As with all things in life, it’s never that simple. I don’t think my hamstring are truly tight, per se, I think they are just weak and are losing the pelvis stability war against my hip flexors, which are super tight from me sitting down all day (note: I can reach noticeably lower in a forward bend after spending a minute or two in a lunge stretch, the difference is really surprising. If you’re an office worker who can’t touch their toes, try holding a lunge stretch on both sides first).

The focus for the next week is:
Hip flexor stretches (lunge)
Single leg deadlifts for hamstring+glute strength
Hip adductor stretches since my bad knee seems to point slightly more inwards than the other
Hip abductor strengthening since see above
Planks and bridges for general core strength

And assuming the knee doesn’t complain, one mid week run and one weekend run, which is hopefully the right balance between staying active and not pushing too hard.


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