RIP hamstrings

So I did run today, which makes this week’s total… 7.2 miles. Bit rubbish really.

My knee seemed ok yesterday but I was in two minds whether to risk it today. I decided to get out there anyway with a 4 mile route and to just keep the pace comfortable. The old knee pain was fine while running, but I have new pain around the back/side. Variety keeps things interesting. The new pain is almost certainly hamstring related. By the time I got home the pain had eased off completely, so that’s good.

When I got home I stretched, rolled, massaged, and even iced my knee and related muscles and tendons. I’ve had the odd pang of pain in the knee/shin area, as before, usually just when sat not doing anything. There is a point on my shin that’s got to be pretty close to the Pes Anserine that seems to hurt quite a bit if I press it. I don’t know if that’s the same place as the sporadic achy pain.

Anyway, all in all, my hamstrings do feel pretty knackered. They got a tough workout from running a lot of miles of hills last week, and this week I hit them pretty hard with body weight exercises. I have decided to ease off any strength training for the next few days and focus more on foam rolling and stretching. My lower quads are also feeling pretty bad when rolled and giving me all sorts of weird sensations, which at the very least isn’t helping.

Anyway, my schedule is disrupted for the next week, meaning I probably won’t get a chance to run again before Saturday, so it makes sense to use the rest time to give my muscles a little care.


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