Breaking news: I am an idiot

My knee has been mostly OK for the last few weeks, but on Tuesday I started getting those little familiar aches. It’s a bit baffling to me, because:

1. The aches are so subtle. They seem to span from my shin, along the inner side of my knee, to a few inches above my knee. If you ask me where it’s aching, quite often I can’t tell you. It’s just somewhere in that region.
2. it was 48 hours since I ran. Please, body, if you’re not happy with what I’m doing, tell me while I’m doing it. Don’t wait 48 hours. It’s not helpful.

After walking home on Tuesday it seemed to have settled down, and as Tuesday is a running day, and as running is slightly more addictive than crystal meth, I thought I would go out…
…3 miles at a 9:00/mile pace because if I tried going faster it hurt. Not a huge success.

So let’s look at my training stats for a possible cause.

13-19th Jan: 11.2 miles
20-26th Jan: 13.6 miles
27-02nd Feb: 19.5 miles


I haven’t run more than 15 miles in a week since September. And here I am, the very same week I’m discharged from physiotherapy with a suspected minor MCL sprain*, doing nearly 20, a 40% increase on the previous week. That “the weather was nice” is not an acceptable excuse.

I really really really need

This starts now.
No more crystal meth running until Sunday. And I only run Sunday if there is no pain Saturday.

Come on body, you’ve got three days. You can do it. I promise not to push mileage. I promise to keep it around 12-13 for the next few weeks.

*I’m not fully convinced, but whatever.


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