January running summary:

5:01:45 hours total
36.9 miles total
Maximum run distance: 6.3 miles
Average run distance: 3.7 miles
Average mile pace: 8:10
Plus 26 hours of various yoga/strength training.

These stats don’t look very good to me, but they are nobbled a bit by the fact I did not run at all for the first 10 days of January. But not to fear, only two days into February and I’m already up to 11.6 miles, or 30% of my total January mileage, which seems kind of crazy.

Yesterday morning I had a 7.4 mile. It was one of those runs that starts off hard and stays that way. I could have used an extra hour’s sleep, and maybe a bit more recovery time between Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Nevertheless, a few miles in I reached a local park. The weather here has been dreadful recently with a biblical amount of rain. The paths were still wet and much of the grassy areas completely flooded. The winter sun was low and bright, and as the path turned turned to face it, the sun lit up all the water in the most beautiful way. If I was religiously inclined I would probably have had a spiritual experience, but I’m not so I didn’t. It was still an amazing experience, until two minutes later when a dog splattered my top and face with several pounds of mud. Thanks for that. Only 5 miles to go and now I look like I’m on an SAS training course.

This morning the weather was nice again so it seemed a shame not to run again, but as I have to be careful of overdoing it (particularly in the knee department), I enlisted my sister to make sure I was at a super easy pace. She doesn’t run as often, as far, or as fast. We did 4.2 miles in total, at about 10:30/mile overall. Very slow but we kept a rhythm going so it was fun.


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