Yoga For The Warrior

I tried out a new yoga DVD last night called Yoga For the Warrior by Bob Harper, who Wikipedia leads me to believe is a semi famous personal trainer. It advertises itself as being a super intense workout, and it kind of is.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My concerns were:

1. Bob Harper.
Sorry, Bob. It’s kind of offputting when someone plasters their name over something, especially when you don’t know who they are, because you wonder if it’s all about them rather than the actual material (apparently Geri Haliwell has a hilarious but entirely useless yoga DVD). As it happens he’s quite entertaining, sometimes accidentally, while also being a good instructor. He doesn’t do most of the poses himself, but there are two women who do at an advanced level, and Robert, a huge black guy with biceps like tree trunks who wobbles and shakes and stays in the simpler variations. I am not sure if he’s acting. I know muscle size is not the same as endurance, but surely those arms can hold a warrior II without shaking? Ok, they probably do weigh 3 times as much as everyone else’s arms put together. Anyway, I like to think that Robert represents all of us non elasticated humans and I value his presence on my television.

2. It’s an hour long.
Well I can’t say much about this. An hour is still a long time and more difficult to fit in an evening than 30/45 minutes. None of it feels purposely padded out though. The pacing and flow is ok. I like routines with carefully designed flows that make you feel like you’re on a journey. I don’t think this DVD is one such routine. But it’s ok.

It’s not much tougher than anything else I’ve done, really. It’s certainly not easy and complete beginners will struggle both in terms of the poses and endurance for the whole hour, but I’ve only been practising yoga 3 months or so and didn’t die. It’s a pretty good routine for my interests, and by extension, a pretty good routine for runners in general because there’s a lot of hamstring and hip stretching as well as a lot of glute, core and ab strengthening (ab strength being something most of us don’t have a lot of, but really should).

It’s probably not that great if yoga is your main thing, but if like me you use yoga as a way to build some strength and balance secondary to running, it seems pretty good.


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