I’m not doing very well here.

I tried spinning for the first time in a few months. Spinning is good for knees, they say. It’s low impact and your quads get a workout. And everyone knows that motion is good for joints.

In reality: my right knee (the one I have problems with) felt really odd. At the top of the kneecap, or perhaps at the bottom of the thigh, I felt a continual pressure. It felt like the kneecap wanted to pop into place but it never did, or rather, it did once but it didn’t really help. The feeling subsided but never completely went away, so I stopped after ten minutes. It definitely felt sensitive around the top of the kneecap later on. 


It would have been more helpful to have discovered this before being discharged by the physio but hey ho.

The whole feeling fits in with the fact my kneecap pops when I extend my leg (i.e. so my leg is straight). It felt very similar to the way it feels right before it pops. Quad stretching makes this go away temporarily, as does simply being well warmed up. So far I have avoided actively strengthening my quads because I’m suspicious of them already being too strong and overpowering my other muscles and causing some of these problems, but maybe I should just get on with it for a couple of weeks and see what happens. It could be the old outer quad too tight, inner quad too weak situation and a couple of weeks of squats might improve the strength ratio a bit.


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