Diagnosed and discharged

The physio today poked my knee some more and decided that I probably have a minor MCL sprain (the ligament that runs up the inside of your knee). It was sensitive when he applied pressure there, but the stability is fine. He sort of erred over the sensitivity last time but didn’t seem willing to conclude anything from it at the time. He thinks it’s not bad enough to benefit from any treatment that I’m not already doing myself, and that it’s ok to run on, so I’ve been officially discharged by the NHS.

It’s a bit frustrating to be in no man’s land between having a treatable problem and being fine, but the actual symptoms right now aren’t disruptive so I am content to see how it goes. I’ll probably refrain from increasing my mileage for the next few weeks even if it all feels ok. Also I must run slower. Every single time I go out I think “ok, I’ll go easy this time”, then next thing I know I’ve flown past four runners. Usually the ones who have dressed to accompany Shackleton to the south pole. It’s not that cold, guys.

I might also start low resistance spinning again.

I like blogging

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