I’m back at the physio on Tuesday. This is kind of annoying because I will have to work late, and Tuesday has become my medium run day. I might have to do it tomorrow. The physio told me I had tight hip flexors and to keep running. I didn’t keep running for the first week because I was ill, but I did stretch my hip flexors. In the second two weeks, which takes us up to now, I made a point of getting in some proper consistent miles so I would feel like I was actually testing my knee under stress. Not very big numbers, but more miles and more frequency than I have been doing for a while consistently:

Last week: 3 runs, 11.2 miles total with a long run of 5.7 miles
This week: 3 runs, 13.5 miles total with a long run of 6.3 miles

The knee is good. No pains, no aches, no twinges. Yesterday I ran a fairly hilly 6.3 miles on fairly tired feeling muscles thinking “if anything gets it, it’ll be this”, but it was fine. The most important thing is that I now feel confident running distances on it again, and I’m not going to stay at home just because I recently felt a vague hint of an ache from it. The tendon is still clicking on the outside but it does seem to be improving on average, albeit very slowly. I think that improving hamstring + core strength to balance out (and maybe take some of the workload off) the quads is the long term answer for that, and is generally a good idea regardless.


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